Write amplification explained

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SSD Endurance: Challenges and Solutions

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Cathryn Mellersh, head of canine genetics at the AHT, said:The intrinsic NAND flash need to erase in ‘blocks’ before writing to a ‘page’ results in write amplification, where the data size written to the physical NAND is in fact several times larger than the size of the data that is intended to be written by the host system.

What is write amplification and why should you care about it? Write amplification is a measure of the number of bytes actually written when writing a certain number of bytes. For example, if you write a 4K file, on average, the drive may write 40K bytes worth of data.

Why does this happen? This comes back to the flash characteristics. A couple of posts ago in this series, I explained how a NAND flash die is comprised of planes, which contain blocks, which contain pages which contain individual cells of data. Read operations take place at the page level, as do write operations (although we call them program operations in the flash world).

Standard RAID levels

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Write amplification explained
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